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Pet Insurance

Are you prepared for your pet to need emergency veterinary care?

Every year many pets need veterinary care after an accident or to treat an illness. Unfortunately the costs associated with your pets health can become more than expected quickly.

Pet insurance is quickly becoming a normal choice for pet owners. With many options ranging from accident and illness to preventive care there is an option that is right for your family. With so many insurance companies now covering pets health you can often look to a company you are already comfortable with; such as your home or house insurance for protection.

There are companies that deal specifically with pet insurance. Two of the common companies that we see are Trupanion and  PetSecure. We recommend visiting multiple sites to see what options best suit the needs of your family and your pet.

Some good questions to as include:

  • What is covered by your plans? What is not covered?
  • What are the limitations to my claims?
  • How do your deductables work?
  • Are there any breed specific limitations?
  • Do you cover prescription pet foods or supplements?

More than 75% of Petsecure claims are due to illness. Just like people, pets can develop medical conditions like arthritis or diabetes that will require veterinary treatment over a long period of time, often for their entire life. Emergency care can add up quickly, look at these these actual claims from Trupanion.

Remember to read and research the companies and if you have any questions contact us, we can always help you with your decision.