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Senior Health Awareness Month

The truth is pets age much faster than we do! By the age of 9 large breed dogs are considered seniors and for cats around 12 years old.  Just as puppy and kitten visits are vital to your pets health, seniors need much of the same attention. We recommend semi-annual visits since your pet ages much faster then humans do and are not able to explain any changes they feel.

We want what is best for your senior pet, to ensure their health is our number 1 concern we will be sending all senior pets a invitation to participate in their customized senior promotion. This senior package will include a senior exam, lab work (based on your pets health and previous results), pedicure and wellness discussion. Purina has joined us for our first year and will be donating a bag of food to each senior pet that comes in for the Senior Package (food recommendation will be based on lab results). This visit will give us time to view the changes that are going on with your pet, ensure that there are no health concerns that are not visible, discuss using glucosamine, senior nutrition and any other concerns you may have.

How old is your dog?
How old is your cat?

Watch for your invitation or call us to see when your pet will be due for their senior visit!