Alternative and Complementary Therapy

As alternative therapies have become more popular with pet owners, we have added these modalities to the services we offer. Alternative therapies, which are also referred to as “integrative” or “complementary” therapies, include acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, and massage therapy. We provide these therapies in conjunction with traditional medicine and surgery to help improve outcomes and to give us additional options for treating our patients. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about whether these types of therapy could benefit your pet.



Pets come in many shapes and sizes. At our hospital we carry a complete in-house pharmacy, but some pets may require special doses or prefer a liquid or a flavored chew over traditional tablets and capsules. We have also kept those pets in mind and offer custom medication compounding. For more information about having your pets medication compounded please ask one of our receptionists.

Sometimes a trip to our hospital does not fit in with your busy day, or re-ordering your pets medication may have slipped your mind during regular buisness hours. For these situations we offer an optional online renewal and delivery service for your convenience.

When you order from us, you’ll know that the products you’re purchasing have been stored properly and are approved for use on your pet and in Canada! If you have any questions, you can ask your veterinarian.